Exploring Practice with Lois Brown

Writing For Non-Traditional Space

Dates: November 18-22, 2013

Time: 6-8PM

Application guidelines: If you are interested, please send your application to emma@playwrights.ca. Subject line: Exploring Practice: Writing for the non-traditional space.
Application deadline: November 11, 2013

Send a bio and a short statement of interest, including a short description of something you want to explore through text, ( a concept, a prop, an element, a newspaper headline, a story, a joke, a word, and so forth.) If you have been exploring space in your past work, please write a sentence or two about your investigation. Artists and practitioners of all levels and kinds of practice will find a place in this exploration, if you are interested in constriction, simplicity or simply writing something short.

This workshop will be of most interest to professional playwrights, writers, directors, theorists and performers working with text and theatrical concepts of space. If you produce and direct or write plays despite few resources or prefer limited design elements and small audiences, please come and add to this exploration. 

Lois will be drawing mainly from her five years of experience creating work at the Rabbitown Theatre. She will also draw on her years of experience working with a truncated process and restricted resources, especially creating alternative theatre or dance and performance works. She will introduce and lead discussions about finding your team, self-dramaturgy with video, and creation of very short plays, working in the round, working without heat, and of course, working with the space as the design, and so forth. 

There are two goals. The first is articulating the process of working with limitation, the richness offered by rough and rogue spaces, developing vocabulary around this, and ultimately sharing our tools for this kind of work. 

The second is writing a first draft of a short play for a non-traditional space.

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