Creating Documentary Theatre for the Contemporary Stage

Now accepting applications for our next training session with Annabel Soutar

Dates: November 30 to December 4, 2015
Time: 3PM to 6PM
Where: PWM
Fee: $45 (Fee is not a barrier to anyone who might be interested/eligible)

Annabel Soutar will illuminate the process by which she and her company, Porte Parole, a Montreal-based bilingual theatre company, create and producedocumentary plays about important social issues that resonate on our contemporary stages.

Participants will be mentored by Annabel while building their own short documentary texts that tackle the topic of climate change. Research and writing activities will include examining media reports about the United Nations COP21/CMP11 global climate change summit in Le Bourget, France (Nov 30-Dec 13, 2015), interviewing people on the streets of Montreal about their sense of urgency (or lack thereof) with regards to climate change, and investigating each participant’s personal relationship to the topic.  The objective of the workshop is to learn to create dramaturgical structure out of verbatim documentary material, and how to link the personal and the political to build dynamic plays that have a wide social scope.

Submission guidelines: Please send a cover letter describing your interest in the sessions, a  biography and CV
Please send applications to
Subject line: exploring practice Annabel Soutar
Application deadline: November 9, 2015


Annabel Soutar is a playwright, director and theatre producer. In 2000 she founded the theatre company Porte Parole Productions in Montreal with actor Alex Ivanovici and she has acted as Artistic Director of the Company since its inception. Annabel was born and raised in Montreal. She studied English and Theatre at Princeton University in New Jersey where she completed her degree in 1994. While at Princeton, under the tutelage of renowned American playwright Emily Mann, Annabel learned about the documentary approach to theatre and since 1998 she has been applying it to plays she produces in Montreal. Her original plays, November, 2000 Questions, Santé!, Seeds, Import/Export and Sexy béton have been mounted in Montreal at the Monument-National, Place des Arts, Espace Go, and at the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts. Watershed premiered in Toronto this past August and is now touring.

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