2016-2017 Young Creators

Alexandra Maynard

Alexandra is a recent graduate of York University with a B.A. in Theatre, majoring in Creative Ensemble and Playwriting. She has also received a certificate in ballet, modern, and folkloric dance from internationally acclaimed L’École Supérieure de Danse du Québec. You will often find Alexandra working on many Infinithéâtre projects. Recent credits include Janet in Imperial’s annual The Rocky Horror Picture Show (2016), producer of Anytime, Anywhere’s Heartlines in London, England (2014), and assistant director in Theatre @ York’s Murder in the Cathedral (2013).

Play in development: Trench, a bilingual play, centers around the idea that faith does not define you, you define your faith. It specifically deals with faith in the context of Catholicism. A two person show that takes place in present-day Montreal. 

Andy Buell's Headshot

Andy Buell

Andy is a senior student at Westmount High School currently in the arts stream. They are 16 years old and an aspiring illustrator, writer, and voice actor learning to push their creative limits. They’re deeply invested in science fiction, LGBT+ representation, and promoting theatre as an outlet for teens.

Play in development: Stargazers is a play about a piece of identity launched into space. Exploring how we take parts of ourselves and separate them, and what happens to those pieces we fragment.

Callum Pfohl's headshot

Callum Pfohl

Callum is a second year Concordia BFA playwriting student. Co-wrote/directed/produced a show for 2016 Montreal Fringe. His friends call him a cartoon character, and he loathe avocados. He loves nothing more than dancing in his bedroom and Nutella on toast.

Play in development: Callum is developing a piece about a father, traumatized by war, being confronted by his grown son about the true story of his missing mother.

Headshot of Caterina Incisa

Caterina Incisa

Caterina is a Montreal-based writer, actor, and director. Originally from London, England, she moved to Montreal in July 2013 looking for adventure, poutine, and sexy French accents. In June 2016, she graduated from Concordia university with a Master’s degree in English and Creative Writing. She is one-sixth of the infamous improvisation troupe, Big Nixon and founded the theatre company Bangers and Mash in 2015. Her work has been published in Matrix, Headlight, and Soliloquies.

Play in development: 0 Days Without Crying is about a young woman who makes ill-advised and embarrassing attempts to “love” herself.”

Headshot of Charlotte Dennis

Charlotte Dennis

Play in development: Stained Painties is a series of monologues about being a female in your twenties; about loneliness and human interaction. The little secrets and embarrassments we harbor in our bodies.

Derek Colley's Headshot

Derek Colley

Derek is a graduate of Concordia University where he studied Religious Studies focusing on the anthropology and history of Christianity. He is a new-comer to theatre but often performs improvisation or sketch comedy around Montreal. His interests include bikes, design, thrift shopping, sewing, writing, Dad-rock and pop-music, and reading about cognitive science, which is perhaps why he is writing a piece about memory.

Kě Xīn Li's headshot

Kě Xīn Li

Currently completing their final year at Concordia University in the communications program. Ke Xin will be writing and directing a show for the 2017 Fringe Festival in Montreal with the company B.A.A.P., an interdisciplinary non-hierarchical solo art collective consisting of one member and 3 alter egos: Li, Ke, and Xin.

Play in development: Pluck’d is a piece about trying to mend a broken and fragmented family that has been separated by gaps of generation, culture and language. Through the beauty of Christmas and the protection of Saran Wrap.

Emily Schon Murdoch's headshot

Emily Schon Murdoch

Murdoch is a director, creator and theatre teacher from Winnipeg, MB. They are the artistic director of Revolution they Wrote: Short Works Feminist Theatre and Performance Festival, and a recent graduate of Concordia University Theatre and Development Program. Murdoch makes art from a feminist perspective and infuses puppetry, storytelling and dance into her practice.

Play in development: The Woods Witch is a play for young audiences that uses mythology and adventure to explore the phases of grief.

Emmanuelle Brousseau's headshot

Emmanuelle Brousseau

Born in Trois-Rivières, Emmanuelle has always been drawn to the arts. Graduating student of the French Production program at National Theatre School of Canada, she also studied scenography, literature, music and film before. After a first try at Montreal’s Fringe Festival with Icepick-moé l’coeur (co-written) in 2015, her play Se rincer l’âme au windshield washer won the Frankie Award of the Best francophone show at the last Montreal’s Fringe Festival. Emmanuelle is also the co-artistic director of Le Cabinet d’Ingéniosités, a creation company interested in breaking the traditional scenic space and performance.

Play in development: We are the kids of the 95′ hangover – Four locals at a bar. Some are in love, some are inebriated. Tonight they work through their collective sorrows and party until the sunrises.

Justin Shaw's headshot

Justin Shaw

Originally from Prince Edward Island, Justin moved to Montreal to train as an actor at the National Theatre School of Canada. Now entering his graduate season, Justin is excited to be continuing his work with Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal to write his solo show, while writing and performing stand-up comedy around the city. In 2014, Justin also completed his education at the University of Prince Edward Island, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts with an Honours in History. Outside of writing and performing arts, Justin is also heavily interested in mental health awareness, child and youth engagement, and professional wrestling.

Play in development: The Wrestling Play is the story of a man who takes life into his own hands by quitting his job as a teacher and running away to Mexico to become a professional wrestler.

Kenny Streule's headshot

Kenny Streule

Kenny performed in 14 Diaries of the Great War after graduating from Dawson College in 2010. He has collaborated with many Montreal Talents such as Catherine Bérubé, Amy Blackmore and Len Richman. Kenny’s passion for creating has led him to establish his own theatre company Plaid Thursday Productions. Recently, Kenny was in Chocolate Moose Theatre Company’s production of Conspiracy! and currently, he is the host of Wild Fucking Improvisers in Action. Kenny’s first play is City Boy (Shorstanding Festival).

Play in development: Mal Understood is based on his own challenges of being bilingual in a monolingual world. Three versions of the same man; Kindergarten, Elementary, and High School–all dealing with an evolving insecurity from living between two languages.

Laurent McCuaig Pitre's headshot

Laurent McCuaig-Pitre

Laurent is a graduate of Dawson College’s Professional Theatre program and  recently graduated in Playwriting at Concordia University. His theatre company 32-HTC produced his plays If Only (MainLine Theatre) and This is not a play (MTL Fringe). This year, Laurent was privileged to take the stage at Théâtre Prospero in the critically-acclaimed play, Les flâneurs célestes. This young Thespian also teaches improv to blind and visually-impaired individuals at the Regroupement des aveugles et amblyopes du Montréal métropolitain ( RAAMM ), and continues to believe that theatre can change the world.

Play in development: At the age of 33, after soaring to the heights of recognition with a Pulitzer prize for his infamous picture of the vulture and the child, and after losing his best-friend and fellow war photographer, Ken Oosterbroek, to the deadly risk of their dangerous profession, Kevin Carter committed suicide. A Perfect Picture follows Carter’s life as faithfully as possible, presenting the war-torn photograph at the final day of his life, trying to piece together his tormented past in hopes of surviving his hopeless present in the eyes of God, the audience, the tormenting “TV-show host” of his life and the fame-hungry Vulture.

Nick Vaudry's headshot

Nick Guénette Vaudry

Over the last two years, Nick had the opportunity to take part in theatre workshops at ICI par les arts, and worked on developing an adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. In his spare time, he sings and plays guitar. He is especially interested in Metal but he dabbles with other genres of music. Nick particularly enjoys visual arts, such as mangas. He also reviews video games on YouTube. He has experience working in video editing, post-production and has created independent films.

Play in development: The Good Guy Vlog is about a perfect and popular teen who finds his online world turned upside down when he is caught on film committing an act of violence.

Olivier Lamarche

Olivier Lamarche

Olivier is a bilingual actor in theatre, voice, video games, film and television. He is a graduate of the Concordia University’s Performance Creation (BFA) program and co-founder Montreal theatre company PlayShed. The company is currently in the early stages of creation for its first two original works, one of which is benefiting from the support of the Young Creators Unit.

Play in development: Work N Progress is an exploration of four moving bodies in space, each representing an aspect of humanity.

Qianna MacGilchrist's headshot

Qianna MacGilchrist

Qianna is a Second Year Actor at the National Theatre School.

Play in development: Sandpeople – A young girl from the tribe of Sand People finds a young boy lost in the desert. A surreal piece about letting go, existential loneliness, and the eternity of waiting.

Rhiannon Collett's headshot

Rhiannon Collett

Rhiannon studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Concordia University. She was a member of BTW’s Artist Mentorship Program (2014-15). In March 2015, she wrote and performed in her solo show GIRLHOUSE (Mainline Gala for Student Drama). She recently read her monologue Celia at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre as a part of Nightwood Theatre’s Groundswell Unplugged Festival. In 2013, Rhiannon was awarded the Jack Shadbolt Award for Multiple Arts Excellence in 2013.

Play in development: Miranda and Dave Begin Again – Miranda is curating a used underwear archive. Her boyfriend Dave is stalking women – experimentally. Her sister Eden is tired of only giving blowjobs. Is this the end, or just the beginning? This play was premiere at the 2016 MTL Fringe.

Rosie Callaghan's headshot

Rosie Callaghan

Rosie has performed on stages across the country, from her hometown of Montreal, all the way to Prince Rupert, BC. After graduating from Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Program in 2013, Rosie decided to pursue Musical Theatre training at the Randolph Academy of Performing Arts in Toronto. Rosie has a keen interest in revitalizing the Montreal Musical Theatre scene, and believes strongly in promoting and supporting home grown Montreal art.

Play in development: Me & You is a folk musical about a stage manager trying to create the relationship she desires on stage, while dealing with a break-up from her writer boyfriend.

Sarah Segal Lazar's headshot

Sarah Segal-Lazar

Sarah is an actor, playwright, and singer-songwriter. She is a graduate of The Dome Theatre and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her experimental musical Talk, Mackerel was selected as part of the line-up for the 2014 Wildside Festival. Sarah’s site-specific musical In Memoriam premiered at the 2014 MTL Fringe. In January 2015, she released her debut album Two if by Sea. She recently starred in the extended, sold out run of Bad Jews (Segal Centre). Sarah is also the Founder and Festival Director of The Island Fringe Festival in PEI.

Play in development: Baggage – Bags come to life to reveal their intimate insides. Stories about women in relation to relationships, about breakups and new beginnings, and about revealing your inner baggage.

Stephen Booth's headshot

Stephen Booth

Stephen is a graduate of the Concordia BFA Theatre program. He has a great interest in performing solo shows.

Play in development: You are a drifter is a solo piece about fantasies and potentials. What do we all know? Should we all be secure about what we do know?

Trevor Barrette's headshot

Trevor Barrette

Trevor is an actor, director, writer/composer and graduate of John Abbott College’s Professional Theatre Program, where he received the 2008 Carla Napier Scholarship and 2011 Pamela Montgomery Award. Upon graduating, he founded Kaleidoscope Theatre Montreal and has directed their nine productions including four of his own musical creations. As an actor, Trevor has worked for the National Arts Centre, Centaur Theatre, Geordie Productions, Repercussion Theatre, among others.

Play in development: Memento Mori – a support group in the middle of limbo; the recently dead but not yet done come together to discuss their hauntings, memories, phases of acceptance and ultimate mortality.

Violette Kay's headshot

Violette Kay

Violette is a recent graduate of John Abbott College’s Professional Theatre program. There is a special place in her heart for puppetry and movement-based theatre. She recently wrote and performed in the puppet comedy Fridge Horror (2016 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival). Her latest creation, Adoration, will premiere at Studio Porte Bleue in March 2017. Violette’s writing often draws inspiration from her experiences as a classical violinist; she dreams of building an army of actor-musicians to create unique music-centric plays.

Play in development: June is a former acrobat who is battling social anxiety/agoraphobia. Through looking back on her glory days, she pieces together the events that led her to being unable to leave the house.

Yousef Kadoura's headshot

Yousef Kadoura

Yousef is an actor and a student at the National Theatre School of Canada. Born in Dearborn, Michigan, and raised in Ottawa surrounded by literature and political discussion, Yousef has worked alongside disability groups and youth mentorship initiatives. He has since dedicated himself to performance and storytelling as tools for education and social education.

Play in development: One Night is a collision of a thousand and one years of fantasy and reality. As a young man returns to his family’s middle-eastern home, haunted by history and driving himself towards destruction.

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