Join us for our Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of PWM will take place on
Thursday, September 20, 2018
from 7PM-9PM
at PWM

Important changes are happening this year at PWM. In our efforts to improve the way we collaborate and work with artists, the meeting will address important changes that are happening with our MEMBERSHIP structure. PWM Members in good standing have voting privileges.

The meeting will be followed by light refreshments and a public reading by two members of PWM’s Young Creators Unit who will share excerpts from their new plays:

The Hysteria Triptych by Erin Lindsay
A pebble in the tide by Simon Pelletier

L’assemblée générale annuelle de PWM aura lieu
jeudi le 20 septembre 2018
de 19h à 21h

Des changements importants surviennent cette année à PWM. Dans le cadre d’une série d’efforts pour améliorer la façon dont nous collaborons et travaillons avec les artistes, nous changerons nos critères d’adhésion.