Say Bonjour-Hi to Theatre Translation!

Say Bonjour/Hi to Theatre Translation!

Dites un gros « bonjour-hi » à la traduction dramatique !


Despite our name, PWM isn’t exclusively a place for playwrights. A good translation opens up a whole world of new possibilities for a piece of theatre, allowing it to reach audiences across cultural and linguistic lines. For decades, PWM has been supporting theatre translation.

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Your donation helps expand the scope of our translation projects. Some of our most exciting projects involve artists who are based in other parts of Canada or even in other countries. These collaborations would not be possible without the support of donors like you.


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English and French aren’t the only languages we work in! In the last five years alone we’ve helped translate Canadian plays into Cantonese, Spanish, Tamil and Innu-aimun.

Lost in Translation

Throughout the campaign, we’ll be sharing videos that demonstrate how a piece of theatre might sound if it were translated by a piece of software instead of by a skilled theatre translator. These videos feature acclaimed translators Jordan Arsenault, Leanna Brodie and Johanna Nutter delivering dramatic readings of these works. The first of the series is available on our Facebook page today!

#ImpactCreation at PWM this holiday season

In 2018, we want to increase our artistic programming – this means more participants in our creation laboratories and residencies and more time dedicated to working one on one with artists and arts organizations in our community. But, we can’t do it without your support!

Your annual donations, big and small, make a huge difference in allowing us to do the work that we do. They are an integral part in helping us reach our artistic goals. Help us continue to support artists and arts organizations across the country.

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