PWM is a space for discovery, a place where theatre creators develop new live performance and nourish their craft. We collaborate with artists and small companies across Canada and abroad. Alongside our intuitive and flexible dramaturgy, stories—written or devised—evolve. We offer programs for every stage in the creation process, from first idea through to performance.

Dramaturgy Expanded

Photograph of Bestiary public reading

Dramaturgy Expanded is dedicated to the development process. Our Dramaturgical Collaborations and Consultations, Creation Workshops and Translation Workshops offer artists the opportunity to delve into their draft in collaboration with a dramaturg. Each program provides a flexible yet rigorous structure for in-depth examination of work at various stages in the creation process. Safe time and space to take artistic risks, to explore and to receive feedback from expert collaborators are key components.

Professional Development

Photograph of participants in Exploring Practice program

We believe artists need opportunities to exchange information, ideas, beliefs, passions and inspiration when developing their artistic practice. Our curated professional development programs were created with this in mind, and bring highly-qualified practicing professionals from across the country to share their expertise with local creators. Master Classes, Exploring Practice, Mentorships and our Cole Competition for Emerging Translators enable exchange and are carefully designed to enrich the development of theatre professionals.

Creation Laboratories

Photo of Kerri Flannigan's The Secrets of Naming Clouds

Our dramaturgically-focused Creation Laboratories bring local creators of diverse practice together to exchange and explore while working on a new project. The Interdisciplinary Writers’ Lab and the Young Creators’ Unit are both forums for cross-pollination. Participants in both programs have opportunities to converse one on one with a dramaturg about their work, as well as to delve into group explorations of practice and form.

National Residencies

Photograph of playwrights at the 2017 Gros Morne Residency

Our two national residency programs expand linguistic exchange nationally and internationally. Unique in Canada, each is a ticket to focused time, inspiring space and enriching conversation for writers and translators. The multilingual Glassco Translation Residency in Tadoussac, Quebec is dedicated to the art and dramaturgy of translation for theatre. The Gros Morne Playwrights’ Residency in Newfoundland offers dramaturgical collaboration to Canadian playwrights in both French and English.