The Writers’ Room

The Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal Writers’ Room is a twice-monthly online gathering of playwrights and theatre creators wishing to take a break from the isolation of writing alone.

Participants write independently while touching base throughout the day in order to connect, share, and to foster solidarity in these exceptional times. Joining a Writers’ Room event is a commitment to spend a day writing, researching, or in contemplation of your project, knowing that the rest of the group are doing likewise. 

Over the course of a day we connect 3 times to meet, catch-up, speak about what we are working on, and share tools and inspiration.
10 am – Say Hi
1 pm – Share a brief Lunch
4 pm – Check out

The Writers’ Room is led by PWM’s Dramaturg Fatma Sarah Elkashef. Sarah is the facilitator of our Interdisciplinary Writers’ Lab, of the EstérElle writers residency and of the Studio 303/PWM Interdisciplinary Dramaturgy Lab (with Dana Dugan & Kathy Casey). She has worked at the National Theatre School of Canada across programs as a dramaturg, creator, and teacher since 2012. She is fascinated by the possibilities of collaboration, hybridity, and process-sharing across live performance disciplines.

Click here to learn more about her and our team.

The meetings will take place over ZOOM and will be announced as events in our Facebook group where you will be required to RSVP.

To join the Writers’ Room, simply click on the link below to be invited to the Facebook group.