Interdisciplinary Writers’ Lab

The Interdisciplinary Writers’ Lab is a group of artists with diverse practices each working on a single project for the duration of the Lab. Curated and led by dramaturg Sarah Elkashef, the Lab is designed to cross-pollinate ideas around creation and development and to foster collaboration across disciplines. The Lab meets every six weeks to share work and give feedback in addition to one-on-one dramaturgy and exploratory workshops as the work evolves.

Disciplines have included visual arts, circus, performance art, theatre, puppetry, dance, animation and astrophysics.

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Previous Interdisciplinary Writers’ Labs:


  • Jonathan Garfinkel
  • Nadia Myre
  • Jesse Orr
  • Thea Patterson


  • Leslie Baker & Emma Tibaldo
  • Kerri Flannigan
  • Krin Haglund
  • Emilie Monnet
  • Naïma Kristel Phillips
  • Karen Elaine Spencer