Glassco Translation Residency in Tadoussac

*RESIDENCY UPDATE – June 15, 2021*

Following last year’s cancellation of the 2020 Glassco Translation Residency due to COVID-19 restrictions, we once again have had to come to the difficult decision to suspend the residency for the present season.

After analysis of the evolving COVID-19 regulations across Canada, we concluded this decision to be the responsible path forward. We were unable to conceive of an in-person residency while respecting present day public health criteria for gathering in a home.
We strongly feel it important to maintain the integrity of the Residency, centred on bringing playwrights and translators together in one place to deepen the practice of translation for the stage. We therefore look forward to welcoming translators and creators back to Fletcher Cottage in June 2022.

In lieu of this year’s residency, we are in the midst of planning a virtual retreat that will give PWM the opportunity to build on the vast knowledge of past residency Translation Dramaturgs and Translators. We will be looking to deepen the ways in which the residency can continue to support translation into many languages, and expand the reach of translated plays on our stages.

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The Glassco Translation Residency in Tadoussac is dedicated to the art of translation for the stage. Throughout its distinguished history, this unique residency has supported the translation of plays into multiple languages including Cantonese, Catalan, Cree, English, French, Innu-aimun, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, Tagalog and Urdu.

For a period of ten days, the residency gives translators a quiet and pressure-free work environment in which to connect and exchange with the playwright. Set in beautiful Tadoussac, in the Saguenay region of Québec, the residency’s collaborative formula encourages the unearthing of ideas embedded within the scripts-leading to a nuanced and satisfying translation of the work.

Participants are encouraged to deepen their understanding of the art form by contributing to informal discussions around the challenges of translation. Equally rewarding is the rich opportunity for linguistic and cultural exchange, a gateway to strongly forged connections across the country.

How to Apply

Applications to the Glassco Translation Residency are closed at the moment.

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General Eligibility Criteria

Plays submitted should be slated for translation or translation/adaptation. The project must have committed interest from a theatre company for a possible production. The play should ideally have had a production in its original language. Both the playwright and the translator must be available to attend the residency together.


This residency was first imagined in 1998, when William “Bill” Glassco opened the doors of his family home, Fletcher Cottage, to translators and playwrights. Skillfully led and sculpted by Linda Gaboriau for over a decade, the residency blossomed into the exceptional retreat it is today. She was followed in her efforts by translator Bobby Theodore, who seamlessly and expertly continued to build on her legacy. For 2020, award-winning translator Maryse Warda is picking up the torch and will serve as residency host and translation dramaturg.

To date, the residency has translated 63 plays:

  • 48 of which have been produced in Canada
  • 8 of which have been produced internationally
  • and 5 of which have been published

Out of all the playwrights and translators who have participated in the residency 50% are women.

Unsurprisingly, jurors on PWM’s latest core grant application to the Canada Council for the Arts called it, “an exceptional activity” – a testament to the residency’s solid  reputation in the national artistic community.

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The Glassco Translation Residency in Tadoussac is made possible through our partnership with the Cole Foundation’s Intercultural Conversations Program, the dedication of Residency Producer Briony Glassco, and the support of donations in the memory of the great Canadian theatre artist, Bill Glassco. We are also grateful to Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and the Conseil des arts de Montréal for their ongoing support.

Supporters: The Cole Foundation, Friends and Family of Bill Glassco, The Canada Council for the Arts, Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec