Our Work

We actively seek to partner with artist and theatre companies who look at the world critically and are eager to contribute to the conversation. Once we have committed to a project, our mission is to offer long term, comprehensive, rigorous and flexible dramaturgical programming. This can take many forms depending on the needs and availability of resources. Our collaboration starts from dramaturgical consultation and may continue through to production, with workshops, residencies and in-process presentations as part of the work.

PWM is a non-producing theatre company. Our work is the creation of new plays. Like producing theatres, we program our seasons. We know which artists and companies we’ll be working with, which plays we’ll be working to develop… collaborate dramaturgically… with artists and companies in Montréal and across Canada.

We do not produce theatre, we create and develop it. But like producing theatre companies, we program and curate our seasons.

Our Process

Collaborations can take many forms depending on the needs of the artist and project. Typically, a collaboration begins with a dramaturgical consultation and continues through to first production. Possibilities for the collaboration include workshops, residencies, in-process presentations and one-on-one conversations with a dramaturg. Our mission is to offer long-term, comprehensive and flexible collaborations for each project we commit to.

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