Board and Staff Changes at PWM

This past year, we have undergone many changes at PWM! We transitioned into a co-leadership structure between our Artistic Director, Fatma Sarah Elkashef, and Managing Director, Lesley Bramhill; and we welcomed new staff and board members to the PWM team!

Staff Changes at PWM

PWM would like to thank both Juan Velasquez and Danielle Eyer for their work at PWM this year. Juan Velasquez stepped in as our Interim Communications Manager from July to October 2021; while Danielle continued her work as Data and Archival Associate during the summer and fall. Thank you both for the commitment and creativity you brought to your work at PWM!

Welcome Christine ML Lee and Erika Squires

Christine ML Lee is PWM’s new Office Manager and Program Coordinator (for our Young Creators Unit and New Stories Project.) You can read Christine’s bio here.

Black and white headshot of Christine Lee.

“I’m so excited to be working at PWM and to be supporting the Young Creators’ Unit (YCU) as well as the New Stories Project (NSP). Having previously been a part of the YCU, I am thrilled to contribute to the development of these incredible two programs that foster new and underrepresented voices!”

-Christine ML Lee

Erika Squires is PWM’s new Communications Manager! You can read Erika’s bio here.

“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate on the development of new theatre through this role at PWM. This organization does so much important work, and I look forward to highlighting dramaturgical process as the new Communications Manager at PWM!”

-Erika Squires

Black and white headshot of Erika Squires.

Board Changes at PWM

We would like to extend the warmest thank you to former board members Caroline Lin and Amir Sám Nakhjavani who have stepped down from their respective positions at PWM. As we look to the future, we are grateful for the tireless effort, work and commitment our past board members have offered to our organization. Caroline and Amir, thank you for your contributions to PWM and to our community.

Welcome Géraldine Émile

Géraldine is PWM’s newest member of the Board of Directors.

Geraldine is a lawyer currently working in the financial field with an extensive experience in Compliance and Estate law. She possesses a Bachelor’s in Law along with a Masters in Common Law and International Law from Sherbrooke University. Raised in Haiti, from a young age, Geraldine has always had a passion for the arts and has practiced various types such as learning to play the piano and various styles of dancing. One of her most recent art-related projects consisted of organizing of a photo exhibition showcasing the island of Haiti and it’s culture and beauty. On her spare times she enjoys running, boxing and attending plays, opera and ballet shows. She has also participated in interactive seminars to develop her public speaking skills.

Learn more about our board of directors here.