Démystifier le Processus Dramaturgique

What elements make for a positive dramaturgical process?

This December 3rd, PWM invites the community to join us in a reflection on this theme.

Event host Jesse Stong will introduce three exceptional dramaturgs – Jessica Carmichael, Diane Roberts and Katalin Trencsényi – who have been invited to speak to the community about a process they found stimulating, interesting, or positive in the creation of new work:

Jessica Carmichael

Jessica Carmichael is a mixed non-status Abénaki/Euro director, actor, dramaturge, playwright, and educator. “As a mixed non-status Abenaki and Euro artist, one of my over-arching goals, regardless of the project, is to explore non-traditional and non-hierarchical storytelling methods. My training is within the Western Canon of work and methodologies, and my current work both expands and pushes against this training. My heritage encourages me to look at Non-Western storytelling and the post-colonial implications of the canon today, as well as experiencing land/s as an embodied teacher in how we approach form and content for creation.”

Diane Roberts

Diane Roberts is an accomplished director, dramaturge, writer and cultural animator who has collaborated with innovative theatre visionaries and interdisciplinary artists for the past 30 years.
Diane’s celebrated Arrivals Legacy Project, developed during her 7-year tenure as Artistic Director of Urban Ink productions in Vancouver BC, has birthed new Interdisciplinary works across Canada, throughout the Americas, in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. This work has allowed her to articulate, cultivate and realize a vision for theatre that encourages African and Indigenous ways of knowing as a stepping stone to creative expression.

Katalin Trencsényi

Twenty-five years ago, the late Flemish dramaturg Marianne Van Kerkhoven wrote: “… a production comes alive through its interaction, through its audience, and through what is going on outside its own orbit. And around the production lies the theatre, and around the theatre lies the city, and around the city, as far as we can see, lie the whole world and even the sky and all its stars. The walls that link all these circles together are made of skin, they have pores, they breathe.” With this, she drew attention to dramaturgy’s responsibility as a critical practice to engage with and interlink art and society. Through examples brought from my native country, Hungary, I would like to talk about how essential this macro dramaturgical aspect of our work is today.
Katalin is a dramaturg and researcher, based in London, and is the author of Dramaturgy in the Making. A User’s Guide for Theatre Practitioners (2015).

The speakers’ presentations will be followed by a break-out session in round-table format, facilitated by PWM Vice-President of the Board Tiffanie Guffroy, giving guests the chance to share their own experiences in creating new works and to identify some common elements present in the positive dramaturgical process.

This free gathering is open to the public and meant for sharing experiences, inspiring each other, and developing pathways to best practices in dramaturgy in the constantly changing world of theatre creation. We hope you can join us!

Date: December 3, 2019
Time: 7pm-9pm
Location: 7250 Clark Street, Suite 103 Montreal, (QC) H2R 2Y3

PWM is committed to making our events as inclusive and accessible as possible to enable all individuals to fully participate. Out of respect for those with allergies and environmental sensitivities, we ask that you refrain from wearing strong fragrances. To request an accommodation or for inquiries about accessibility, please email info@playwrights.ca or call us at 514-848-3685.

Please note that space is limited, so make your reservations early!