Our Story

PWM is time, space and expertise. It’s a place where artists can research and experiment, dream and take risks, fail and try again. We are a team of committed dramaturgs and arts administrators who believe theatre is necessary. Our energy pours into work with a critical lens that engages with contemporary culture. The programs and collaborations we curate share a vision of theatre that challenges the status quo. At PWM, playwrights, translators, directors, creators and theatre companies across the country find a creative accomplice willing to invest deeply in meaningful work.

PWM is a nationally-mandated, dramaturgically-led theatre development centre based in Montréal. Our expanded notion of dramaturgy is applied to our work in devised and interdisciplinary creation, which now flourishes alongside the playwright-driven work we have supported for over 50 years. We play a key role in facilitating dialogue between Canada’s official-language communities in our translation work. We work with artists of all cultures and lived experiences. We continue to focus on process so that writing and creation can be developed without the constraints of a production.


Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal’s mission is to collaborate in the development of innovative work for performance through the examination, refinement and implementation of dramaturgical approaches to creation.