Impact Creation — Our year-in-review crossword puzzle!

A shining star in PWM’s seasonal tradition

the Impact Creation – 2021 year-in-review crossword puzzle

This puzzle highlights how interconnected we all are, the transformative nature of our past year, and shines a light on how artistic creation impacts our world- It is also a draw!

This puzzle will test your PWM knowledge, but feel free to star-gaze through our website to search for hints – or subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected with PWM for years to come. You can also follow us on social media for the free hints which we will be dropping throughout the month of December!

Graphic image of a starry night sky with colourful stars.

Impact creation contest rules

After you complete the puzzle, submit your name before December 31, 2021 for a chance to win your choice of a published play that was developed in collaboration with PWM! 

You can print the crossword above, or fill it in online. Feel free to star-gaze through our website and social media for clues! If you choose to fill the puzzle in online, press the SUBMIT button at the end for your chance to win a play that was developed in collaboration with PWM. If you choose to print the puzzle, you must enter your name manually at the link below!

Some of the amazing plays you can choose from include:

  • Controlled Damage by Andrea Scott
  • Okinum by Émilie Monnet
  • Some Blow Flutes by Mary Vingoe
  • The Law of Gravity by Olivier Sylvestre and translated by Bobby Theodore
  • All Things at Once by Don Druick
  • Andy’s Gone by Marie-Claude Verdier and translated by Alexis Diamond

This special prize is similar to the year-end gift for our monthly donors: Did you know that if you donate $15 or more to PWM, as a monthly donor for one year, you will receive an autographed play as a gift?* You can become a monthly donor here!

The draw will be held, and the winner announced, early in the new year.

*Selection may vary. In the past, monthly donors have received The Tashme Project: The Living Archives by Julie Tamiko Manning and Matt Miwa, autographed by Julie Tamiko Manning, and Jabber, autographed by playwright Marcus Youssef.

Graphic image of a starry night sky with colourful stars.

This past year, we have all continued to experience changes that were beyond our control. We moved forward together, despite feeling star-crossed at times, transforming our practice every day.

Even with all this change, we have remained constant in our commitment to centre artistic voices that have been, and continue to be, underrepresented, so their stories may be shared, and shared widely. Your donations and  support are vital to this mission, and we are so grateful.

As the stars rotate around us, the nights grow longer, and the winter settles in again- we are reminded that transformation is part of life. Together, we play a part in shaping the world around us and our future.

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