Departure for our Managing Director, Anne-Sophie Grenier

With sadness and gratitude, the PWM Board of Directors would like to share that our Managing Director, Anne-Sophie Grenier, is departing from the organization. Over the past year she has brought remarkable work and compassion to Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal, and she continues to be deeply appreciated by the team, the milieu, and of course, the board.

“Having had the privilege to recruit, welcome and follow Anne-Sophie, I was very impressed by her leadership, her vivacity, and her brilliant mind . I am confident that she can successfully manage any endeavor she feels like ! She will be missed.” 

— Tiffanie Guffroy, co-president of PWM 

Anne-Sophie took on the role of Managing Director at PWM in May 2022, right on time to respond to many of the annual duties of a registered charity, such as auditing, programming, and recruiting. She also brilliantly tackled the specific challenges facing PWM at the time: leading a new team in a post-covid cultural sector, and defining what a co-leadership structure would look like for the organization. She expanded PWM’s outreach and connected us with new wonderful people to contribute to the organization, including new  board members. It took very little time for everyone to see that not only was she more than well suited for the role, she was an excellent fit for the team.

Indeed, whether from the team, from the board, or from our partners, Anne-Sophie was always well respected, appreciated and trusted. 

“My year and a bit at PWM has been inspiring, educational, and honestly, a lot of fun.  A change in personal circumstances has led to my time here being shorter than expected, but I leave PWM with a full heart, and immense gratitude. 

I have deeply appreciated working so closely with Sarah in whom I found a true partner, collaborator and friend. I have the utmost confidence in the PWM team, and I look forward to continuing to support them from the sidelines as their biggest cheerleader. 

Thank you to our many partners in Montreal and across the country who offered me guidance throughout the year, and who strive every day to make theatre shine. I have been deeply touched by the generosity of spirit, creativity, innovation, and passion of our staff and the many (hundreds!) of artists with whom PWM works.”

 — Anne-Sophie Grenier, outgoing Managing Director of PWM. 

“Anne-Sophie has worked at PWM for little over a year and in that time has made a positive and extraordinary impact on the organization and on all of us within it-she will be missed. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to collaborate with her and I wish her the very best on her next adventure.  

— Fatma Sarah Elkashef, Artistic Director of PWM.

Thanks to Anne-Sophie’s efforts, guidance and feedback, PWM is now more than ever capable of creating a safe and creative place not only for the numerous artists who take part in our projects, but also for all our employees. We look forward to the recruitment of a new Managing Director, who will work alongside our Artistic Director, Fatma Sarah Elkashef as co-leaders of the organization. While change is bittersweet, we are confident that this new chapter for PWM will be fruitful and are excited for the artistic collaborations to come. 

In addition, we are proud to announce two new positions in the PWM team. Alanna Wrenshall, who joined the team in February as Admin Assistant and Program Coordinator has been promoted to the role of General Manager. Leila Ghaemi is stepping into the role of Artistic Producer, while continuing to be the Young Creators Unit Dramaturg. Alanna and Leila will work in close collaboration with Sarah and the new Managing Director, as well as the whole PWM team, to continue delivering on the organization’s mission, vision and values. 

Click here to view the job posting for Managing Director.

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