The Arrivals Legacy Project

Now accepting applications for our next training session with Diane Roberts

Dates: January 25 to 29, 2018
Time: 10AM to 6PM
Location: PWM
Fee: $50.00 (Fee is not a barrier to anyone who might be interested/eligible)

The Arrivals Personal Legacy (APL) Exploring Practice Intensive is a creative process designed for those who wish to create new works based on Ancestry and personal history. The process allows participants to connect in new ways to their authentic historic bodies as a powerful source for artistic expression, personal & cultural empowerment. The APL method is a combination of “Afrisporic” influenced performance traditions (dance, voice, movement, alignment, balance), contemporary story weaving and improve techniques that opens doors for the emergence of embodied truths drawn for critically anchored personal places. For more information, visit

Application guideline:

To apply for this training, please submit a short statement to (.doc/.rtf/.pdf) containing:

  • why you want to participate
  • what life experience you bring
  • artistic discipline and training (if any)
  • your name, phone numbers, mailing address and email
  • a small .jpg photo of yourself

Application deadline: January 12, 2018 at 5 PM


Diane Roberts is an accomplished director, dramaturge, writer and cultural animator, who has collaborated with innovative theatre visionaries and interdisciplinary artists for the past 30 years. Her directorial and dramaturgical work has been seen on stages across Canada and her reputation as a mentor, teacher and community collaborator is nationally and internationally recognized. Roberts has birthed a vision for theatre that encourages Indigenous ways of knowing as a stepping stone to creative expression.

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