Congratulations 2021/2022 Montreal English Theatre Award Nominees!

The 10th Annual META award recipients have now been announced, and include a number of the PWM collaborations nominated this year.

PWM congratulates Jimmy Blais for receiving the Outstanding New Text award for “Feather Gardens”, a comedic and close-to-home script produced by Hudson Village Theatre.

The 2021/2022 season Montreal English Theatre Awards (METAs) are coming up soon, and as we get ready to celebrate the work of writers, performers, and stage-artists making exceptional English theatre in Montréal, we’re happy to report more than a few PWM collaborations have been included! 

  • Jimmy Blais’ “Feather Gardens” at the Hudson Village Theatre has been nominated for 4 awards, including Outstanding New Text, Outstanding PACT Production, Outstanding Ensemble. Hailey Verbonac received a nomination for Outstanding Emerging Artist in Production, for their work on the show’s lighting and video design.
  • Emilie Monnet has been nominated for an Outstanding Contribution to Theatre for “Okinum”, and for Outstanding Direction alongside co-directors Emma Tibaldo and Sarah Williams. Producers Imago Theatre and Onishka have also been nominated for Outstanding PACT Production with this piece. 
  • Gabe Maharjan’s “From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea” has been nominated for Outstanding New Text, with several nominations given to Geordie Theatre’s production team for their set, costume, lighting and sound design.
  • Christine ML Lee, PWM’s very own Office Manager & Program Coordinator (Young Creators Unit and New Stories Project), has been nominated for an Outstanding Emerging Artist in Production award, for her sound design of Teesri Duniya Theatre’s production  “Psycho 6”.

You can see the full list of nominations and learn more about attending the METAs through their website. In-person proceedings are taking place at a brand new venue, Le Gesù theatre, on the evening of November 6th. 

Congratulations to all the award nominees, we can’t wait to celebrate your achievements in style!

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