IMPACT CREATION – Celebrate the past year at PWM, and support our work today!

As 2022 comes to a close, we at Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal have been reflecting on the past year’s accomplishments, and planning for next year’s programming with anticipation. It’s an exciting time to announce IMPACT CREATION, our yearly campaign to uplift and support the work we do.

PWM will always be a place for artists in theatre, emerging and established, to connect and reconnect. Being a national hub for new play development in English-theatre is a unique mandate for a Montréal-based organization. Donating to us provides a lasting gift to our artistic communities, both here at home and across the country.

Donations help us realize our core activities. Each year, that typically includes: 

25-30 development workshops, where everyone in the room (playwrights, dramaturgs,  translators, actors, directors and so on) is paid.

50-75 one-on-one dramaturgical consultations, offered to writers and theatre-makers free of charge.

10-20 mentorships that connect emerging artists with established workers in the field, offered to emerging artists free of charge.

2 national residencies where playwrights and translators are paid an honorarium, and all travel, accommodation and meals are provided by PWM. 

And much more!

Help us reach our goal of $5000 by the end of 2022 by donating today. 

We’re continuing our tradition of giving back to the folks who can support our work regularly.  Donors who give $15 or more per month for one year receive the gift of a published play developed in collaboration with PWM, autographed by the playwright! Monthly donations allow our work to be more responsive to the changing needs of projects and artists, by providing us with steady income we know we can count on.

*Gifted editions vary.

Our Interconnected Community Crossword

We recognize not everyone in our community may be in a position to give. We’re happy such a large part of our yearly tradition is something everyone orbiting PWM can enjoy:

Our annual year-in-review crossword puzzle (drawn up by our Program Coordinator, Heather Eaton), spells out the qualities of interconnectedness in our organization! 

Made from words gathered from last year’s collaborations, showcases, notable titles and names, you can complete this puzzle by reviewing our programming details and news updates, as refreshers on what we’ve been up to. Use your PWM know-how to fill in the connections. 

You can fill in and “SUBMIT” through the app above, or by printing, pencilling, and sending a picture of the completed puzzle to

You’ll be entered into a draw, with a chance to win your choice of one of the following published plays developed in collaboration with PWM! Be sure to give it a close look over, as you can only submit once. If you leave and come back, your progress will be saved on this page.

Controlled Damage by Andrea ScottOkinum by Émilie MonnetSome Blow Flutes by Mary VingoeThe Law of Gravity by Olivier Sylvestre and translated by Bobby TheodoreAndy’s Gone by Marie-Claude Verdier and translated by Alexis DiamondThe Enchanted Loom by Suvendrini Lena and translated by Dushy GnanapragasamEverybody Just C@lm the F#ck Down by Robert Chafe.

Keep an eye on our social media in the month of December for some direct clues and answers!

The value of a donation to Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal.

Our organization values the creative process first and foremost, and ensures our collaborating artists can do their best work.

A key revelation that came about during the pandemic was how much work remains to be done to make our world a kinder, more inclusive place. We’re working toward greater accessibility in our programming and communications – for instance, we are particularly excited about welcoming both d/Deaf and hearing artists to the Writers’ Room in 2023. Growing our initiatives for capacity-building, such as integrating ASL interpretation into more of our programming, requires the growth of our funds, as well. 

Your support is vital to the work we do and we hope you can play a key part in creating new works for theatre by helping us reach our goal of $5000 by the end of 2022. 

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