with (Steven Lawson and Aaron Pollard)

Dates: June 3-7, 2016
Time: 10AM to 6PM (There will be writing time built into the schedule)
Location: PWM
Fee: $100 (Fee is not a barrier to anyone who might be interested/eligible)

Participants will be expected to be available for a full day on the 3rd and on the 7th. Individual appointments with will be made during the rest of the week. Participants are expected to work independently.

ARCADE uses as its inspiration the discarded parts of city neighbourhoods, the people and places that live in-between, below and hidden within the cities shadows. Existing as both an interactive and contemplative performance writing workshop, assists participants in “polishing” the dark little urban cracks so they themselves become a city of light, providing a frame (a mise-en-abyme, the shoebox) that valorizes and celebrates the forgotten and discarded.

ARCADE fictionalizes and fabricates visions of real locations within the neighbourhoods of Montreal and allows participants to question what is true and to create and proliferate their own constructed realities about these locales. We will voyage outwards with participants to different Montreal neighbourhoods as inspiration for creating what we call “fictional realities”. Our source materials (writing, drawing, photo, sound, video) will inspire the construction of miniature shoebox theatres within which our collective stories will be told. will work with artist-participants in a workshop forum to conceive of multiple narratives that then get installed into shoeboxes using a variety of techniques, from simple static maquettes or tableaux, to more technically involved video and audio works, to participatory works that invite viewers to inscribe their own fabrications and reflections on the city locales.

No specific technical experience is required for this workshop although participants are encouraged to bring any and all equipment they might have for capturing and editing photo, video and sound with them (including phones!). Some artist materials will need to be purchased by participants but these costs will not be high ($25-$50).

Application guideline: To apply for this training, please send a resume and a letter of intent outlining your interest in the work described.
Please send applications to:
Subject line: Exploring Practice Intensive Arcade
Application deadline: May 27, 2013


About Steven Lawson & Aaron Pollard: Since 2002, as the collective, Stephen Lawson and Aaron Pollard have pursued a collaborative practice that traverses disciplinary boundaries and political frontiers. They are active locally, nationally and internationally and their beginnings as a duo emerged from Montreal’s wildly eclectic cabaret scene. Subsequently they have toured and taught across the country, to museums, galleries, theatres, artist-run centres, universities and festivals and their ongoing collaborations with colleagues abroad at various intersections of performance and politics have brought them into a dialogue with audiences throughout North and South America and in Europe. In 2009, received the Canada Council’s Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for outstanding achievement by mid-career artists working in the Integrated Arts.

As an artistic duo they share authorship on all projects and work from a tradition of creative expression that cuts across artistic disciplines. Their practice – which they plan, write, construct, embody and perform – results in artworks whose forms are determined by their core ideas and central passions and which incorporate unique approaches to video projection, costume, music, sound, spectator participation and the dynamic use of space.

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