The spectacularly un-spectacular

with Nadia Ross (STO Union)

Dates: November 17 to 21, 2014
Time: 10AM to 6PM (There will be writing time built into the schedule)
Location: PWM
Fee: $75 (Fee is not a barrier to anyone who might be interested/eligible)

Intensive and immersive sessions

In this Exploring Practice Intensive, Nadia Ross will share her practice as the founder and Artistic Director of STO Union. STO Union is a multidisciplinary company bringing together artists from a variety of mediums in the creation of new Canadian theatre. Founded in 1992 in Toronto by artistic director Nadia Ross, STO Union has cultivated new forms and techniques within the theatrical tradition in order to reflect and respond to our evolving culture. Productions are characterized by an un-spectacular approach to staging, focusing on the simple human interaction in all its complexity. Since 2006, the company’s central collaborators have been the villagers of Wakefield, Quebec, who take on the new challenge of theatre making.

Application guideline: To apply for this training, please submit a cover letter stating your reason’s for participating in this Exploring Practice Intensive; a résumé and biography.
Please send applications to:
Subject line: Exploring Practice Intensive with Nadia Ross
Deadline: October 27, 2014 at 5PM

STO Union’s productions and its collaborators have won awards, including Chalmers, the Contra Guys and the Dora awards. STO Union’s plays are written by the directors and produced shortly after or during writing, and broadly address the themes of transformation and realization in both the individual and social realms. Their plays have toured internationally: Germany, Sweden, Austria, USA, Netherlands, Ireland,Hong Kong, Iran, to name but some. As well as the FTA and Théâtres du Monde (Montréal).


Nadia Ross is the Artistic Director and founder of STO Union (Ottawa/Gatineau Region). Her work as a director, writer, actor and producer includes her latest work, Intimacy with a Thousand Things, which premiered in 2013; Good News from the Sun, which will premiere in 2014; and the India Project, which will also premiere in 2014. Past highlights include: 7 Important Things (a collaboration with George Acheson), which was produced by and had its world premiere at Canada’s National Arts Centre in 2007 and has since toured internationally. Her work also includes Revolutions in Therapy (a collaboration with Jacob Wren and Tracy Wright), which premiered at the Montreal International Festival FTA/Théâtres du Monde in May 2004 and was presented in Toronto in June 2005 followed by a European premiere at Theater der Welt in Stuttgart, Germany.  It has since internationallyl. Recent Experiences (also a collaboration with Jacob Wren), premiered in 2000 (Toronto) and has since toured to numerous international theatre festivals.

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